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Get Married in Sicily | UK Wedding Planners

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What's in with 2023/24 Wedding Trends?

You're in for a real treat if you're setting your wedding date for 2023/24. Stunning new trends will dominate next year, and we are incredibly excited about them! Whether you're looking for a novel mini-wedding concept or some exciting new ways to celebrate your nuptials, we have you covered. Read on to find out what the 2023/24 wedding trends are going to be – we bet you will love them!

Micro weddings

Typically, the guest list for a "micro wedding" consists of forty people or less. It's up to the couple to decide if they want to stick to the standard wedding format or put their own spin on things. This type of event means a more intimate celebration for the couple and their closest friends and family. Moreover, you are free to spend more money on your precious guests without cutting costs on something important to you.

Bride's new favorite fashion item - wedding suits

You guessed it right, the bridal suits are experiencing a dramatic rise in popularity. Searches for 'wedding suits for women' have skyrocketed, with nearly 10,000 monthly lookups. After all, we emerge from a time when nuptials were trimmed back and scaled down. Embrace this modern wedding trend, will you?

Mates of honour and Grooms-maids

Modern-day couples put together modern wedding parties that reflect their genuine friendships. The old-fashioned gender-based groups are becoming less popular. Searches for "male bridesmaid" have also grown by more than a fifth. Couples are embracing all-encompassing titles for their wedding party, such as ''man of honour,'' "bridesmates," "wedding crew," and "I do squad." Perhaps you find yourself in this trendy option for a 2023 wedding celebration!

Outdoor weddings

In 2020 and 2021, there was a significant increase in the number of weddings held outside, and this trend will undoubtedly endure. An outdoor wedding ceremony and reception offer far more flexibility than one held in a single inside setting, right? You may select from a variety of settings and backdrops for extra picture options as long as the venue has a license as well as some covering. An extra outdoor wedding idea for 2023 may be an indoor venue with outside alternatives for the winter months.

Sustainable weddings

As brides plan for the many ways in which they will be using their flowers, eco-friendly floristry has surged in popularity. One option for the centerpieces on the head table at a sustainable wedding would be to utilize bouquets. Another option is to use faux flowers or other artificial options. But, we promise, these can look as gorgeous as real ones! In 2023/24, we may see organic and eco cuisine as well. Couples will place a premium on finding methods to avoid food waste in 2023/24, and eating locally and ethically obtained food will be popular.

This concludes our look at the three most prominent wedding trends for 2023/24 that we expect will dominate. We cannot wait to see what the following year will bring!

Is your big day set for 2023/24? For more iconic wedding ideas, be sure to subscribe to our blog. Enjoy your planning!



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