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Get Married in Sicily | UK Wedding Planners

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Themes for Your Wedding in Sicily: From Godfather Grandeur to Lace, Love, and Old-Fashioned Values"

When planning your wedding in Sicily, there is a myriad of captivating themes to choose from, each offering a unique blend of charm and romance. In this blog post, we'll explore a range of enchanting wedding themes inspired by the Godfather films, the timeless elegance of lace, the celebration of love and old-fashioned values, and the mouthwatering cuisine paired with Sicily's exquisite wines.

Godfather Grandeur

Transport your wedding to the captivating world of the Godfather films and let the essence of Sicilian mafia charm infuse every aspect of your celebration. Choose venues that evoke a sense of vintage luxury, such as grand palaces or rustic countryside estates. Incorporate details like black and white color schemes, classic cars, and elegant attire reminiscent of the era. Immerse your guests in an atmosphere of opulence and intrigue as you honor the rich heritage of the Godfather movies.

Lace, Love, and Old-Fashioned Values

Embrace the timeless beauty of lace and the celebration of love and old-fashioned values in your Sicilian wedding. Lace represents delicate femininity and adds an air of elegance to your décor. Incorporate lace accents in your wedding dress, table linens, and invitations for a touch of timeless charm. Focus on heartfelt connections and sentimental details that honor the importance of love, such as handwritten vows, vintage family heirlooms, and romantic gestures that capture the essence of old-fashioned romance.

Weddings in Sicily

Exquisite Cuisine and Amazing Wine

Sicily is renowned for its exceptional cuisine and world-class wines. Incorporate the island's gastronomic delights into your wedding theme by offering a culinary experience that showcases the richness of Sicilian flavors. From delectable seafood dishes to traditional pasta recipes and exquisite desserts, let the food be a highlight of your celebration. Pair these delectable dishes with Sicily's remarkable wines, such as Nero d'Avola or Marsala, to create a truly memorable dining experience for you and your guests.


Your wedding in Sicily offers the opportunity to embrace enchanting themes that resonate with your style and values. Whether you choose to immerse yourself in the Godfather grandeur, celebrate the elegance of lace and old-fashioned values, or indulge in the gastronomic delights and amazing wines of the region, Marry Me in Sicily is here to make your dream wedding a reality. Let Sicily's rich culture, traditions, and romance intertwine with your love story, creating a wedding that is both timeless and unforgettable.

Weddings in Sicily


We think every wedding and love story is unique. Weddings, big or small, indoors or outdoors, we love bringing your dream wedding to life. Take the next step and contact us to Get Married in Sicily.



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