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How To Choose The Wedding Theme Of Your Dreams!

How ToChoose The Wedding Theme Of Your Dreams!

You and your future spouse will be represented by the wedding theme you choose. It will allow you to create a consistent aesthetic for your big day, and it will tell you what to expect from your guests' experience. Plus, it will give you a good idea of how much money you'll need to spend, which is why it's important to give it plenty of thought well in advance of your big day.

5 Tips On How To Choose A Wedding Theme

Consider The Season

The season in which you will host your special day will play a big role. For example, it wouldn’t be appropriate to feature winter elements if you have a summer wedding.

Consider Your Personal Style

Take a look at your style, your interior design, your wardrobe, hobbies, etc. Sometimes these aspects can narrow down your choices of what you like or don’t like. You may find what your preferences are when it comes to colours, specific styles and decor.

Consider Your Wedding Vision

How do you envision your reception? Is your wedding laid back and casual or more formal? How do you envision your venue? Is it spacious and elegant, or more intimate and modern?

Consider Your Budget

If you wish to host an extravagant, elegant affair, your budget may not allow it. In addition, if you dream of a destination wedding, it may cost more.

Consider Your Interests

Are you an adventurous type and wish to hike with your partner? Maybe you share a love for exquisite food and love going to world-class restaurants? Do you love to read? Maybe your wedding theme can revolve around a particular book.

Wedding Theme Ideas

There's a wide variety of choices, and we've highlighted some of our favourites below.

Classic Wedding Theme

It's easy to see why classic themes are so common. They never go out of style! Their main focus is on simplicity, white flowers, and a more formal atmosphere. You should really think about the feelings and experiences you want your guest to have. Everybody involved in a classic romance betrothal is bound to feel something. A champagne cocktail hour set to live jazz is a great way to kick off a reception, especially if it’s in a setting like a mansion, ballroom, or vineyard.

Romantic Wedding Theme

An ideal romantic celebration should have lots of flowers, soft lighting, and muted tones. Think of soft colours, chandeliers, calligraphy, and a wall covered in florals for this motif. Add some more ethereal details to create a dreamlike setting for a more intimate feel. When it comes to romantic wedding theme colours, opt for soft pink, ivory, and pastel purple shades. Scattering candles throughout the venue will reflect the warm, fuzzy feelings of love and anticipation you have for your spouse.

Modern Wedding Theme

The modern wedding theme is a favourite of all design enthusiasts and cosmopolitans. It embraces a minimalist philosophy and gives an accent to luxurious matte metals and eye-catching surfaces, such as marble.

The modern wedding theme focuses on elegant yet forward-thinking concepts, based on a carefully considered colour scheme and great attention to detail. The menus and dance floor could both enjoy some modern touches, and a minimalistic cake would round out the meal nicely.

Parting Thoughts

The wedding theme is more closely tied to the general style and atmosphere of the event. We hope this blog will help you pick on the ideal theme for your special day. Make it real and add as many personal touches to achieve a unique aesthetic. If you need guidance with the wedding preparations, don’t hesitate to contact us, and explore our weblogs for more inspiration!


We think every wedding and love story is unique. Weddings, big or small, indoors or outdoors, we love bringing your dream wedding to life. Take the next step and contact us to Get Married in Sicily.


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