Nov 20, 2016 Wedding

Every great wedding has a theme

Every great wedding has a theme. This could be dictated by a color palette, a particular historical time, or even centered around the venue’s own style, but most importantly it has to reflect YOU, your style, passion and likes…what you find beautiful and magic.

Please don’t feel restricted to choose one of our themes, they are just intended to inspire you and spark your imagination. We will tailor-make each wedding and help you with all aspects of the look and feel of your special day.

Walking through the set of the iconic movie, where Michael Corleone celebrated his wedding with Apollonia. A real old-fashioned and classical Sicilian wedding style: passion, laces and tradition, intimacy, family values and close friends. Could be made very rustic, elegant and sober or totally fun and playful with a mafia dress up theme.

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